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  • 25 years

    Company BPI – Company for design and engineering Ltd. was established in middle of 1990 in the Yugoslavia time, when it was necessary to obtain certain licenses for company registration in Belgrade. We were the first private design company in Slovenia which started working in the field of road design on state contracts. Our first client was the National roads administration for Study of variants for the Slovenska Bistrica- Središče ob Dravi expressway and Municipality of Maribor with Study of variants of western bypass between Vrbanska and Lackova road.

    With further studies of variants of motorway connections in northeastern Slovenia, we contributed to one of the cornerstones of National Motorway Construction Programme (NMCP) in Republic of Slovenia, which was adopted by the government in 1995.

    One of the first projects in the realization of NMCP was the project design for construction of the second half of Slovenika expressway (later motorway) on sections Hoče – Dramlje, which was made by BPI.

    As NMCP contributed to the development of the whole Slovenian economy, in particular sectors associated with the construction industry, it also contributed to the development of this company. All technical employees have university degrees and are highly skilled. Companies focus is to recruit and professionaly train young people. Four of our young engineers graduated under supervision of our older colleagues.


    The company is registered to carry out all activities, which fall within the scope of construction desgn and works in accordance with the Construction Act, specializing at project design and auditing of road infrastructure.

    Road project normally consists of:
    • Design of the road
    • Designs of intersections and connections
    • Designs for bridges, viaducts, culverts, etc.
    • Designs for supporting and retaining walls
    • Designs for drainage and wastewater treatment
    • Designs for water regulations
    • Designs for traffic equipment and signage
    • Designs for utility and energy infrastructure in the area of the projected road
    • Designs for noise protection measures
    • Designs for landscape architecture

    These project designs are acompanied by various reports and studies, which are an obligatory part of road projects, like:

    • Geological and geomechanical study
    • Surveying study
    • Hydrological study
    • Traffic study
    • Noise assesment study


    Conceptual studies and studies of variants

    • Motorway Pesnica – Slivnica with Nova Zrkovska cesta road and expressway between Ptujska cesta road and Slivnica
    • Motorway Maribor – Pince
    • Motorway Slivnica – Draženci
    • Motorway Draženci-Gruškovje
    • Western bypass of Maribor from Vrbanska cesta road to Lackova cesta road
    • Southern bypass from Lackova cesta road to Bohova with access to the motorway
    • Expressway Slovenska Bistrica – Središče ob Dravi
    • Third development axis in the central part between motorway A1, Šentilj – Koper and motorway A2 Karavanke – Obrežje
    • Road link between Puhova cesta road and Ulica Pariške komune street
    • Bypass of Radlje ob Dravi
    • Bypass of Ormož
    • Bypass of Pragersko
    • Bypass of Lenart
    • Bypass of Lendava
    • Bypass of Ruše

    Conceptual design, Main design, Implementation design

    For most of the roads listed above, BPI engineers also prepared conceptual project designs as the basis of national or municipal site development plans, project designs for building permits and project designs for implementation.

    In addition of motorways, expressways and bypasses the company also produced a series of projects of all phases of roads of different categories, from the main roads to local roads, public paths and forest roads and intersections, roundabouts and car parks.

    Some of the major implementation design projects:
    • »Turbo« Roundabout Titova cesta road- Ulica heroja Bračiča street
    • Roundabouts Trnje, Gomilnica and Turnišče
    • Roundabout Kozje
    • Roundabout Lenart
    • Roundabout Mlinska ulica street – Ulica Kneza Koclja street
    • Roundabouts Ruše – Lobnica and Ruška vrata
    • Roundabout Koresova ulica street – Engelsova ulica street
    • Reconstruction of Limbuška cesta road
    • Reconstruction of Erjavčeva cesta road
    • Reconstruction of Ulica kraljeviča Marka street
    • Out of level interchange G1-2 Ormož-Središče ob Dravi in railway Ormož – Hodoš
    • Reconstruction of road in the area of abandoned border crossing Kuzma, Gederovci, Šentilj, Dolga vas, Robič ands Škofije
    • Reconstruction of road R2-406 Dekani – Lazaret, Ankaran section
    • Motorway Pesnica – Slivnica maintenance center
    • Reconstruction of road R2-424 Sevnica – Planina
    • Industrial zone roads
    • Gas station Slivnica 2
    • Gas station Turnišče
    • Gas station Mlinska ulica

    The most of these projects have been implemented and for them, the finished works designs have been delivered to the clients.

    Research and development assignments

    In addition to the design and auditing of road infrastructure projects, BPI staff also takes part of Research and Development projects and assignments
    • Rulebook for the design of roads draft
    • TSC Water drainage on roads
    • TSC Low traffic volume roads
    • TSC Multilevel interchanges and knots
    • Several proffesional articles and presentations on road related conferences and meetings

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