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  • Motorway Maribor – Hungarian border, section Lenart – Cogetinci, subsection Lenart – Sp. Senarska

    Assignment name:

    Motorway Maribor – Hungarian border, section Lenart – Cogetinci, subsection Lenart – Sp. Senarska





    Location within country:

              Pomurje – NE region


    Name of client:

              DARS  – Motorway company in the republic of the Slovenia, Ulica XIV. divizije  SI-3000 Celje


    Firm’s Name:

              BPI Ltd., Mlinska ulica 32, SI-2000 Maribor, Slovenija, EU


    Completion date:

              October 2008


    Approximate value of the contract:

              1.331.811,00 €


    Total number of staff – months of the assignment:

              App. 100 men/month


    Number of professional staff – months provided by associated Consultants:



    Narrative description of the project:

              The Maribor – Hungarian border Motorway is a part of the 5th European corridor and is labeled as A5 in Slovenian acts. It is split into sections and subsections for plan and design purposes. These are as follows:

              MW Maribor – Lenart, starting in junction Maribor-North on MW A1 Šentilj – Koper and ending at km 7+800 at Partinjski potok

              MW Lenart – Sp.Senarska, starting at km 7+800 and ending at km 15+000

              MW Sp.Senarska – Cogetinci, starting at km 15+000 and ending at km 24+090 on municipal border between Cerkvenjak and Sveti Jurij ob Ščavnici

              MW Cogetinci – Vučja vas


              MW Vučja vas – Beltinci


              MW Beltinci – Lendava


              Lendava – Pince – Hungarian border


              Investor (DARS d.d.) split MW section Lenart – Cogetinci, subsection Lenart – Sp. Senarska (from km 7+800 to km 15+000) into two separate stages. Stage 1 starts in km 7+800 and stage 2 starts in km 10+020 and ends in km 15+000. Stage 1 also includes the Lenart interchange and a part of a connecting road (Lenart Bypass) – deviation of main road GI-3 in the area of the Lenart interchange. The second part of the Lenart Bypass is not part of this project, although it is specified in Detailed plan of national importance.


    Motorway section Lenart – Sp. Senarska technical data:

              Motorway route, normal cross-section 21,20 m, length 7,2 km

              2 motorway junctions, Lenart-west and Senarska

              Dewatering and purification of rainfall waste wate, traffic signs and equipment

              10 road deviations, regional, local and rural roads in overall length of 5,690 km

              1 deviation of junctional road to Lenart in length of 177 m

              2 bridges, overall length of 26,05 m

              2 underpasses, overall length of 83,40 m

              4 overpasses, overall length of 579,76 m

              1 wildlife crossing in length of 33,40 m

              10 road culverts in overall length of 368,95 m

              2 retaining constructions in overall length of 224,5 m and max. height of 10,5 m

              1 secant pile, length of 180 m

              Noise barriers in length of 740m, max. height of 2,5 m and 440 m of noise reductional embankment

              Regulation and structures for water protection, arrangement of communal installations


    Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

    The engineering, consultant and design services comprise of:

              Project management.

              Main Design, Detailed Design, Tender Design and Completed works design:

                        Motorway route

                        Out of level intersection with roundabouts

                        Deviations of categorized roads

                        Deviations of un-categorized roads

                        Traffic equipment design and specs.

                        Structures design (bridges, under and over passes, retaining walls, etc.)

                        Water management project

                        Other infrastructure design coordination and consulting

                        Noise barrier design coordination and consulting

                        Setting out

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